Jovesolides offers 'Factor 5': an effective tool to achieve social innovation
It is said that more and more, social entities are committed to social innovation to develop their function. But what makes an initiative innovative? Remember that we can define social innovation as the creative solution to social problems. But beyond this precision, for an initiative to be socially innovative, it has to fulfill a series of characteristics. Let's see!
1. It is necessary that the initiative incorporates creativity techniques in the process. Innovation does not arise spontaneously, it is essential previous work to make it possible.
2.  It must be born from a process of listening to the community. This way we guarantee that we apply coherence between a lack or existing social need and the project that we create to answer it. For this, it is essential to evaluate the point of view of the affected groups.
3. The initiative must be sustainable. That is, it is a project that generates economic value in addition to its social value.
4. It must also be scalable, which means that it can be developed in any context, as a tool to enhance the positive social impact.
5. Collectivity above the individuals. In social innovation, collective processes over individual processes must always be prioritized. For individual processes is more easy to generate inequality, while collective processes can also favor collective benefits and satisfy urgent social needs.
Factor 5: a practical and effective tool to facilitate the creative process with a social perspective 
And if as an organization your interest is generating positive social impact through social innovation is the more real, a practical and effective tool to achieve it is 'Factor 5', the latest methodology designed by the Jovesolides association.
Based on gamification, this methodology generates new answers to unresolved social problems. It is a learning and motivation experience whose ultimate goal is to generate innovation with social impact. Through Factor 5, teamwork processes are generated, which produce motivation, positivity, and above all, effectiveness and willingness to face these challenges.
Since its presentation in March 2017, many social entities have already launched 'Factor 5' as a tool to develop social innovation in its social function. If you want to discover Factor 5, offer this type of experience to your organization or work team, write to a

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