Last February, was the first coordination meeting with Florà . A European project whose main objective is to empower artisan women in Europe.
Five social organizations from Europe participate in the project:  Creativi 108, from Italy, which leads the project, Business and Professional Women,  from the Czech Republic, Bulgarian Development Agency, d from Bulgaria, Fundacja Proaktywni, from Poland, and Jovesolides, from Spain.
This first meeting, held in Bologna (Italy), was a unique opportunity to establish the first contact between the partners involved in the project, know its structure, activities, and responsibilities of each participating entity during the twenty-four months it will last.
Florà aims to train a total of 15 European women whose main professional activity is crafts. Each organization will select 3 women from their country of origin, and all will be trained in social entrepreneurship, new technologies, marketing, management of your company, online sales ... All focused on fostering the growth of your business idea based on crafts.
Jovesolides will show to the participants what social entrepreneurship is through creativity, communication, and innovative practical methodologies.
All the organizations participating in the project aim to open another window for women facing the unemployment situation. Because at a general level it continues to affect women more than men. Spain concretely is one of the European countries where the difference is perceived the most. The female unemployment rate stands at 18.20% compared to 14.90% for men, according to the latest Eurostat data.
The methodology used throughout the program will be translated into four languages and collected in a good practice notebook that can serve other women entrepreneurs or organizations that want to replicate it.
Florà is a project funded by Agenzia Nazionale Erasmus Plus Indire. If you want to follow all the news and activities of this program you can follow its evolution through the hashtag  #Flora.

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