Wake up the entrepreneur in you

Do you think you can make a change? Do you think you can create, imagine? This is your place.

We are organizing 4 laboratories about social entrepreneurship: Training/creative workshops about social entrepreneurship, aimed for young people.

We are talking about a practical training to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and motivation to make a change in the social environment, learning methodologies, tools and shaping ideas.

What are we looking for?

  • Providing the tools for young people and group aimed at generating a positive impact in their locality/community for undertaking social, generate alternatives and personal proposals. Leadership skills for change, creativity.


Focused on active participation and cooperative learning, seeks to create an unique experience and meaningful learning process for young people.

LAB consists of process of collective construction generated during 3 sessions and it is linked to the practical use of skills, tools and processes by young people in order to create innovative approaches to social problems.

Methodology will provide a platform for converting an idea into a project, through the training plan.

 5 Social challenges to solve

  • Revitalization of youth in their social environment
  • Youth generation at risk of employment
  • Youth organization for advocacy
  • Using ICTs applied to youth
  • Revitalization in the educational environment (family, school, community)


The construction process will follow the following phases:

MODULE 1 ­ Friday 23rd of January. 16: 00­20: 00. Creativity and idea generation
MODULE II ­ Saturday 24th of January. 10: 00­14: 00. Observation of the environment and
identifying needs, defining projects
MODULE III – Saturday 24th of January. 16: 00­20: 00. Social Canvas: What will we resolve, how and to whom? Start of the project.
MODULE IV ­ Friday 30th of January. 16: 00­20: 00. Teamwork and organization. Let us know. Project development.
MODULE V ­ Saturday January 31st. 10: 00­14: 00. Viability of the project. Project presentation.

A special prize ...

Upon completion of the training process, and based on proposals submitted by participants or groups of participants, 5 people will be selected in each laboratory and will be INVITED to participate in the YOUNG CREACTIVANDO MEETING: a space to share experiences, motivations and continue to address the inspiration, creativity and motivation for social change. This meeting will take place in the month of February (location still has to be confirmed).

Who are the protagonists?

  • People under 30 years old, students or unemployed with interest and motivation to learn in the entrepreneur / innovator environment
  • Dedicated to complete the training process

When and where?

LAB IN MADRID: 23rd,24th, 30th AND 31st of JANUARY 2015.
Location: Room 13, Thyme Foundation, C / Albuñuelas, 13. Madrid.