To change the world, first we have to change ourselves

Current situations related to social and economic exclusion and the problems which affect the welfare and quality of life require ideas, solutions and urgent initiatives but, above all, creativity. In recent years, social Innovation was calling out precisely this set of initiatives and solutions.
Do you think your body is trapped in outdated management mechanisms?
Do you think it's time to restructure and introduce social innovation into the DNA of your organization?
Looking for shapes, spaces for creativity and innovation and thus finding solutions to real problems?

RedCreactiva is giving you the best answers through Social Innovation Laboratories:
because of that, we are inviting professionals from public institutions and civil society, to participate in Social Innovation LABORATORIES (training workshops) which provide an opportunity for professionals of these sectors to explore the field of social innovation and investigate what role they can have in this field. They have to implement innovative ideas not only in social projects that they are generating, but also in the way we act, think and plan new ideas.

Social Innovation laboratories provide useful resources and methods so that participating
institutions can: make a diagnosis of the needs, respond to social challenges, and specially identify the mechanisms in order to solve them in a creative, innovative and effective way.

Why Social Innovation Laboratories?
  • Because it is hightime to promote a culture of social innovation in the third sector and public administration.
  • To facilitate the tools to overcome real social challenges through innovation and creativity.
  • To create opportunities for collaboration among professionals of the third sector and the civil public administration.
Who can participate?
  • Technicians, representatives of social organizations, government, private sectors
  • Maximum 2 people per entity
methodology inspired by the latest trends in the field of innovation and creativity, linked to the Design Thinking method and adapted to the needs of the social sphere.

The program of the Laboratories:

  • SEMINAR: (5 hours) Creativity applied to social action = Social Innovation. A 5­hour workshop designed to analyze and internalize the basics of social innovation within the organizational structures of the participating entities. Presenting a common social challenge which has to be solved by the participants with the SCPS methodologies.
  • WORKSHOP: (15 hours) Generation of creative initiatives in response to social need. 15H. Space aimed at facilitating the development of innovative social initiatives that facilitate the incorporation of elements with added value to prototypes designed by participants during the workshop.

The SCPS methodology will be developed through visualization tools and ideas management, in addition to the team work towards resolving challenges and problems (Problem Solving) and learning by doing (Learning by doing), all while creativity and innovation are reinforced in the design projects with positive social impact.

When and where?

Dates: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 27th­28th and March 29th.
Time: Friday. 9 to 14 and from 16.00­19h / Saturday. 9­14h and 16h to 19 pm and Sunday. from 10 to 14.
Location: WAYCO, coworking space. Old Governor Street, No. 29. Valencia.
Application deadline: until 24th of March.

*In case of cancellation of attendance or registration will not proceed to return the payment made.

Dates: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8th­9th and 10th of April.
Time: Wednesday. 9 to 14 and from 16.00­19h / Thursday. 9­14h and 16h to 19 pm and from 10 to 14.
Location: Donostia. Carlos Santamaria building. Elhuyar square, 2
Application deadline: until 7th of April at 00.00 pm.

*In case of cancellation of attendance or registration, the payment will not be reimbursed.

Dates: Thursday, Friday and Saturday and May 9 7.8.
Time: Thursday. 16h to 20h / Friday. from 9 to 14h and 16h to 19h and Saturday. 9 to 14 and from 16 to 19h.
Location: Barcelona, Albareda Casa del Mar. 1
Application deadline: until April 8 at 00.00 pm.

*In case of cancellation of attendance or registration, the payment will not be reimbursed.

Dates: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 17th to 18th and April 19th.
Time: Fri from 9am to 14pm and 16.00­19h / Sa. 9­14h and 16h to 19 pm and Sunday. from 10 to 14.
Location: Madrid ­ Association The Distaff. Calle San Lamberto, 3 Rear, 28017 Madrid
Application deadline: until 14 April.

*In case of cancellation of attendance or registration, the payment will not be reimbursed.