In El Salvador as in any other corner of the world, there are pending social challenges. And to address them, social entrepreneurship may be a more than viable option. In Jovesolides El Salvador they know it, and for that reason they embarked in the program InnovaT. An initiative that is born to strengthen the organizations that work in the field of the youth.
For the salvadoran entity this trip directed from Jovesolides Spain has been a new experience. And is that although development is their usual field of work, they had never used social innovation as a tool.  It is also the first time that they collaborate "on a project of this magnitude, and making use of innovative methodologies", Says José Wilfredo Cruz, president of the association. From the first moment they have been dedicated with total dedication to discovering the social enterprise in order to be able to integrate it in their work, and the local communities. And for the members of this entity to participate in this international program has benefited them. 
In El Salvador, as in the other countries that are part of InnovaT, laboratories for young people have also been developed. "The response has been very positive. They have liked above all the use of practical techniques and very simple to develop ". 
 One of the objectives of these laboratories is to foster the creativity of young people, to learn the use of tools that allow them to "excel as young people with leadership". In short, teaching them to keep a renewed eye on the world, and to see solutions where others, only see problems. 
Social Entrepreneurship in El Salvador
The knowledge and extension of the concept of social innovation or social entrepreneurship in El Salvador are not well developed. "What has been most worked here is entrepreneurship but under a business or local development approach." 
The president of Jovesolides El Salvador emphasizes that some experiences of social entrepreneurship are currently being carried out, as "the workshops that are held at the University of El Salvador. 
And specifically the entity has led since 2003 a project in San Salvador for youth leadership. It is a university residence that facilitates access to higher education for young people with limited resources. 

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