Jovesolides Nicaragua is one of the eight partners behind the InnovaT project to support and consolidate the efforts of youth sector organisations. Led by Jovesolides España, its main goal is to encourage social entrepreneurship among young people, and create active and engaged citizens. 
Its approach lies in introducing young people to innovative methodologies for social change that can draw on as essential tools in their day-to-day lives. The hope is that those taught will, in turn, inspire other young people and together bring their combined efforts to the economic and social development of their community, in this case, in Nicaragua.
To this end, Social Entrepreneurship Laboratories are organised to teach the young participants the Creative Solution for Social Problems (CSSP) method. This method includes techniques like Design Thinking, Storytelling and the Social X-Factor, all with the end goal of creating an ecosystem of young entrepreneurs.
InnovaT laboratories: a unique experience
The young people arrive at our laboratories full of enthusiasm and curiosity. The might have an idea as to what to expect, but they always leave surprised. And they all agree that the experience is unique in its ability to wake them up, and get them to believe in themselves and take action. 
Creative solutions applied to social problems? It might sound utopic, but once you’ve attended one of our laboratories it all starts to ring true. The world can be a better place, if only we can find a way to go beyond having the good idea to actually putting it into action. This is another of the realisations the young people who attend our workshops come to.
Most participants reconnect with an idea or motivation they already had, but that was perhaps forgotten, or on (perpetual) standby. Reality can be hard, and sometimes you can run the risk of ending up without any choices, no alternative ways to face up to it. Which is precisely the sensation we are aiming to address with the InnovaT project, using creativity and communication as our main tools.
After all, social entrepreneurship is becoming more than being an alternative. Little by little, and through projects like these, it is emerging as a key means of changing the world. Nicaragua is currently 129 out of 137 nations evaluated in the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Index. And according to experts, it is trending upwards towards a situation of more and more social entrepreneurship, as an effective means of generating a positive impact within the most vulnerable sectors of society. The same is true at the global level. As the Nobel Peace Prize Muhammad Yunus points out, “social entrepreneurship will soon be the most common type entrepreneurship, until the day comes when poverty is something only found in museums”.
A large number of social and academic organisations have contributed to the implementation of InnovaT in Nicaragua, including Fundación Victoria, the Centre for Communication and Popular Education (CANTERA), the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua (UPOLI), UNICA HOPE, the Central American University (UCA), NIKAS, Artes Exclusivos, Colecciones Valentina, the Nicaraguan chamber of commerce and services (CCSN), and Estación Vital.

A total of five European organisations are behind the InnovaT project: Jovesolides, in Spain; Asociatia Centrul European pentru Integrare Socioprofesionala (ACTA), in Romania; Interactive Media Knowledge Transfer (InterMedi@KT), in Greece; The Innovation and Development Institute Principe Real (IDS), in Portugal; and the Slovak University of Technology, in Slovakia. In Latin America, our partner organisations are Jovesolides Nicaragua, Jovesolides Colombia and Jovesolides El Salvador.


The project receives funding from the European Union and is part of the key action to promote capacity building in the field of youth in Latin American and European countries.

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