Social innovation has grown rapidly in Spain over the past five years. However, as indicated in the latest Report from Fundación Cotec, the “movement is still in its early phases and the initiatives are still relatively modest”. It is against this unassuming, though rising backdrop that the 3rd Social Innovation Forum returns. Not to be missed, the forum is a space for promoting social change in the world. A space for finding solutions to the problems of our time and for doing so through social innovation. The forum, which attracts more and more visitors each year, will take place on 30th and 31st March 2017.
With the theme “Discover, share and reinvent”, this year’s forum comes on the back of the success of the two previous editions. More than 500 people have already lived the intense two-day experience devoted to finding and sharing ideas for change, and reinventing the social reality that surrounds us.
There are three main goals behind the forum. Firstly to showcase new trends in social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Secondly to provide an opportunity for networking between attendees, encouraging the exchange of best practices and showcasing existing innovative social projects. And last but not least, to create an environment favourable to collective inspiration, putting innovative methodologies into practice.
The forum aims to provide a clear roadmap to the design of new strategies to achieve fairer, more equal social models. As in previous editions, the forum will bring together the art of communication, creativity and the talent of the attendees. Professionals from the private, public and third sectors and academia will bring their power to transform to the service of society as a whole.
Once again this initiative is being promoted by Red CreActiva, a union of social entities, businesses, local authorities and education centres that have joined together to promote social innovation and social entrepreneurship.
Red CreActiva emerged in 2014 at the hands of Jovesolides. And in this short period of time, barely two years, CreActiva has carried out 71 actions to promote social innovation and social entrepreneurship in 11 countries in Europe and Latin America. A total of 28 social entrepreneurship laboratories, 6 social innovation laboratories, 3 forums and 31 promotional events. It has brought together more than 550 organisations and people into the network. And it has published more than 70 news articles and testimonies about social innovations that are changing the world.

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