The current humanitarian crisis that affects migrants and refugees who leave their homes for a better life is still valid.And many of these people arriving in Europe, after living a difficult transition crossing borders, have to face the rejection and the lack of protection. For this reason, Out of the box was born, a European project led by Jovesolides, and aimed at promoting the awareness of social organizations and European youth through gamification.
A few weeks ago the first meeting of the five participating entities took place: Cooperazione Paesi Emergenti (COPE), from Italy, Fundacja Autokreacja, from Poland, Pro Ifall, from Sweden, and Bursa ProviThe objective: to establish the coordination between the different organizations with the ultimate goal of creating a new methodology, which based on the game promotes a more inclusive Europe.
ncial Director of National Education, from Turkey, and Jovesolides, from Spain. 
The idea is that all participating entities apply this methodology in their country to generate a discourse of tolerance towards the migrant / refugee population, and especially against Islamophobia.
Through this innovative methodology, training and empowerment will be facilitated and the participation of young people will be encouraged to generate messages with positive impact that combat the growing hate speech in Europe.
This project is funded by the Institute of Youth of Spain (INJUVE). If you want to follow all the news and activities of this program, follow the hashtag #OutOfTheBox on social media.

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