Jovesolides is ranked as fourth in the ranking of relations of the social innovation ecosystem of the city of Valencia, according to a recent report by the Cátedra ciudad de Valencia. In this report, as in the map of social innovation, presented last June, social entities are still the best positioned and involved in the sector.
At present, a total of 131 social innovation projects are identified on the map, and 47% of the initiatives identified are within the Third Sector. Jovesolides is one of the entities included in this map, created to improve the quality of life of citizens.
"There are several possible reasons," says Julia Salom, director of the Chair, "I think that the organizations of the third sector, for their specific purposes, are the ones that have been most interested in issues of social innovation, while the administration and private initiative have not yet entered into this topic in an intense way ".
In this last report of the Chair, the Jovesolides association appears in one of the first positions, according to 'the average index of centrality'. It measures the degree to which an entity or human occupies a central role in the relationships of a network, taking into account not only direct but indirect connections.
"It can be said that the institutions and organizations that appear, among them Jovesolides, play a strategic role of collaboration and cooperation with the rest of the entities that carry out social innovation initiatives," says Julia Salom.
This report also reflects that among the entities that have carried out innovation projects, the most densely connected are those that address problems related to social dynamics and inclusion.
The social innovation map of Valencia
El mapa de innovación social is a tool with three clear objectives: identity, visualize, and disseminate good social innovation practices in Valencia; analyze each initiative, characteristics, processes, and factors that contribute to its birth and development; and contribute to improving the design of policies to support social innovation.
The main objective of this guide is to satisfy unsatisfied needs or not well served through a transformation of social relations that improves governance systems.
At present, the map "only gathers the relations of cooperation and collaboration existing between the people". And to be able to advance in the knowledge of this system of local innovation the director of the Chair emphasizes that it is necessary to develop by means of a qualitative analysis in the processes that favor the rise of these initiatives, "to identify which are the formal and informal relations that favor that social innovation appears and spreads. "
In addition, from the Chair have established cooperative relations with other research groups working on this issue in other Spanish cities. The ultimate goal "is to develop this analysis from a comparative perspective, which we believe will be very enriching".
At the moment, the map of social innovation has allowed identifying some aspects on which one should act to favor the birth, consolidation, and diffusion of social innovation in the city. Julia Salom points out "the practical absence of training and research functions; the financial weakness to carry out long-term projects; and the need to incorporate the system of Transversal and cooperative governance ".

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