This month of November there will be the second edition of València Startup Week. The main objective: to connect entrepreneurs, investors, and startups. A quote that shakes, if it fits more, the ecosystem of the entrepreneurship in València, the third Spanish city, after Madrid and Barcelona, ​​that reunites in the actuality 15% of the total of this type of companies.
València, which already ranks 42nd in the 'European Digital City Index' ranking of the best cities for entrepreneurs and digital entrepreneurs, has received this year, an increasingly important event, organized by Techstars with the collaboration of VIT. Emprende, and the Valencian Startups Association.
For five days the city of Túria has been the center of entrepreneurship nationwide. The event, which brought together more than 900 people, has ended with an important initiative by the Valencian Startups Association, the publication of a manifest whose main purpose is to consolidate the sector within the Valencian Community.
The declaration of intentions has ten points:
1. A physical concentration of the ecosystem in a pole of the city.
2. Attraction, retention, and training of qualified talent.
3. Investment attraction.
4. Retention of consolidated startups.
5. Recognition and visibility as an international hub.
6. Recognition as a sector.
7. Public-private connection.
8. Transfer of knowledge to other sectors
9. Early education in entrepreneurship and STEM skills.
10. Promotion of technology startups led by women.
This document is configured as a roadmap to continue advancing next 2018, and consolidate the sector of entrepreneurship in the Valencian Community. We will follow the progress very soon.

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