Creativity, passion and participation for change of the world

The Second Forum for Social Innovation  will be held in September 2015 in Valencia.
It is not just one more Forum...It is THE FORUM! (you can ask those ones who participated in the First International Forum for Social Innovation (Valencia, March 2013)

Feel totally INVITED!

We are gathering the promoters of RedCreactiva, other social organizations, governments,
individuals who have joined the network and those wanting to become a part of this process of innovation to share interests and motivation for change.
New ways of acting, thinking, projecting, will be shared at event that will be formative,
informative, participative and will seek solutions for new social challenges, particularly linked to the reality that young people are facing nowadays.

What are we looking for?

  • Sharing experiences from a multi­sectoral approach in the context of social entrepreneurship and social innovation.
  • Training and encouraging dialogue, exchange and debate among participants through informatic sessions and participatory workshops.
  • Generating a open space for social change and new ways of doing, seeing, thinking, which are necessary in the current social context.
  • Promoting strategic alliances, sharing and adherencing to RedCreactiva which wants to secure a space for synergy and collective learning.
The Second Forum for Social Innovation will also be an opportunity to continue dialing the steps of RedCreactiva, which continues to grow, combining content, opportunities, experiences and being a point of reflection.

Are you interested?

Here you can register and find the information on the Second Forum for Social Innovation: