Here we outline the main principles that led to the creation of Red CreActiva, a network that exists not only for sharing what we have learned, what we have experienced, but also for devising new actions and strategies in social entrepreneurship and innovation.

Our core principles and values include:

  1. Creativity and social innovation:
We believe in the value of social innovation in education, creativity and collective construction, as well as in its potential for skills and capacity development, and the search for new ways to do and think about things.
  2. Exchange and continuous learning:
Red CreActiva encourages the creation of opportunities to share and learn from our experiences in social entrepreneurship and innovation. We firmly believe in training and collective construction as key tools which take the form of impact committees (“Mesas de Incidencia”), labs, meetings and forums.
  3. Networking and internationalisation
The network’s efforts focus on skills and capacity development, enabling relationships between its member organisations and establishing common goals. The network is based in Spain, but aims to consolidate its international presence through the involvement of socially-minded organisations, public authorities and associations from across Europe and beyond.
  4. A multidisciplinary approach and diversity:
The network seeks to become established as a multidisciplinary group with a strong national and international presence, and the combined vision of the various social agents working together to achieve a common goal.
  5. Participation:
Our network structure is open to GIVING AND RECEIVING, to participation, collaboration, contribution, collective construction and other actions that harness the relationships forged between the organisations, NGOs, public authorities, businesses and individuals that form part of this network.
  6. Committed leadership:
We have faith in people and their ability to do what they do, bringing their expertise to the fight against poverty and promoting social entrepreneurship as a mindset for achieving personal goals.
  7. Awareness-raising:
Our network promotes, generates, expands and disseminates good practices in social entrepreneurship and innovation with a view to increasing employment among youth groups at risk of exclusion. We begin locally, but our approaches can be easily repeated in other locations. The idea is for our actions, proposals and advances to have an impact. We strive to share our experiences with decision-making bodies in politics and society at large, in order that measures are taken to support our target public: youth groups at risk.
  8. Social transformation:
From this network, we want to contribute to a change at the global level, consolidating more sustainable, fair, equitable and creative ways of doing things based on human talent and cooperation.