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You will have discounted access to the training activities organised by Red CreActiva.
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You will have access to the VIP content created by Red CreActiva: didactic guides to our social entrepreneurship and innovation labs, email newsletters, the Social Innovation Forum, etc.
3. Access to news portal
You will be able to publish your news, promote your activities and other information related to social entrepreneurship and innovation on the Red CreActiva website. Simply send us the information you wish to publish, along with an accompanying photograph, to:
4. Access to the social entrepreneurship and innovation directory
If you are a business or other organisation that offers social entrepreneurship or innovation services, you will have access to our social entrepreneurship and innovation directory. If you want to be included in this directory, write to us at and we will send you instructions on how to sign up.


The Decalogue contains the aims and the framework of action where we started to make this network of collaboration, open to anyone who wants to contribute and learn in the process. As a part of the Red Creactiva you adhere to the Decalogue.
1. Promoting intersectoral social innovation
From the network, we want to push foward the innovation from the networks of collaboration between diverse agents: such as social organizations, NGOs, governments, universities, etc. The sum of perspectives of various agents will help boosting the same process and identificating the opportunities for synergies, collaborative work and joint development of innovative processes with social vision.
2. promoting the inclusion of the culture of innovation in social entities
We seek to foster an innovative and sustainable culture in the social sector as a key element in the whole process of change of entities, facilitating the enhancement of their capacities and identifying new ways to do, create and contribute to their social purposes. In this way, we want to generate a shared learning where both value the shares from the same organizational structure and definition of objectives.
3. Impulsing social youth entrepreneurship
The collaborative work of the network is focused on the empowerment of youth social entrepreneurship, with young people being the primary goal of this structure. To this end we will work with innovative methods, applying them in training and creative activities in both formal and non-formal different contexts, and providing special attention to youth at social risk or facing new social challenges of today.
4. Joining the compromise with the innovation through innovative leadership
We promote innovative leadership in our youth and participating entities, by promoting creative thinking, motivation and finding new solutions to the same problems. We want to be the leaders and to train leaders in social innovation to find new ways for the challenges of everyday life.
5. Being in favor of formation and personal qualification of the social agents
The social partners have the ability to contribute in all processes of change; by  being managers, promoters and facilitators of society. In this regard we consider key training, qualification and constructive spaces to encourage discussion, creation, innovation, involving social organizations, public administration, social enterprises, enterprising youth, schools, etc. to meet the new social challenges.
6. Making companies more sensible in order to implement interaction between innovation and social responsibility
The network wants to draw attention to the added value of social innovation in the business sector, and to promote collaboration, involvement in processes of social activism from social entrepreneurship and innovation. The goal is to join efforts through dialogue, training, exchange from the multisectoral involving of the private sector in a more committed and sustainable manner.
7. Joining innovation with the new social challenges
From the network we want the social innovation to focus on finding viable solutions to new social challenges that we are facing, from changes in production models, challenges of social, economic, environmental sustainability, etc. We must open ourselves to the new digital society, the issues of employment, health, aging and citizen participation from youth.
8. Creating spaces for a dialogue, exchange and learning
We seek to generate these constructive spaces for continuous learning about tools and practices from positive impact of creativity, innovation and social entrepreneurship, involving entities with different profiles but who share common interests, focused on the target audience in this network.
9. Creating and transforming social policies that give potential to inclusion of the innovation and social entrepreneurship into
From the actions of dialogue and innovative and creative work, we seek to identify viable proposals to improve and enhance the opportunities for youth from innovation and social entrepreneurship. These proposals will be brought to political entities to be covered by the public agenda.
10. Offering opportunities and recognition to all those initiatives that are taken from creativity, innovation and entrepreneurs
The space network wants to stimulate new creative spaces where there is a room for small and large proposals that want to bring the change in society which is always thinking about the collective benefit. The tools applied from the network (training, forums, roundtables, etc) want to accept these proposals and try to make them visible, identifying its viability and enhancing global participation in favor of entrepreneurship and social innovation.