Youth Social Entrepreneurship Lab
A course for engaged, creative young people who want to change the world.
We offer up to 20 places for young people who want to learn techniques to enhance their creativity, as well as innovative methodologies like CSSP (Creative Solution for Social Problems) and the latest techniques in audiovisual communication, to make their project a reality.

Who is it aimed at?

Young people aged 18 to 30 with social concerns, ideas, and the inspiration and drive to become active agents of social change. If you are eager to learn and unafraid to take on societal challenges that need constructive solutions, this lab is for you! We are looking for young people between 18 and 30 years, with social concerns or ideas, and the inspiration and drive to become active agents of social change.

Who are the tutors?

The tutors of this lab are the creators of the Creative Solution to Social Problems (CSSP) methodology, tested at national level and currently being rolled out in international contexts. This methodology is inspired by the latest trends in innovation and creativity. A relative of the Design Thinking method, it is adapted to the needs of the social sector, and promotes creativity and lateral thinking as powerful tools for achieving positive social impact.

What are the expected outcomes?

1. Tools to generate alternatives and personal proposals aimed at generating a positive social impact in their region. 2. An opportunity to engage in social entrepreneurship, using new and current techniques and tools. 3. A personal and professional change of pace, linked to leadership and creative skills.

Where and when?

18,19 and 20 November, 2016