Social Innovation Lab
A course for those who want to change the world and learn about how to use social innovation and creativity to have a positive social impact.
Open to up to 20 professionals from the social, business or public sectors, it teaches creativity and the principles of social innovation as means of developing initiatives that generate social impact.

Who is it aimed at?

Social organisations, public authorities and other groups that want to train their staff in social innovation, motivated by change and the desire to learn and share experiences as a collective process for generating positive impact.

Who are the tutors?

The tutors of this lab are the creators of the Creative Solution of Social Problems (CSSP) methodology, tested at national level and currently being rolled out in international contexts.

What are the expected outcomes?

To promote a culture of social innovation in the non-profit and public sectors; to provide social organisations and public authorities the tools they need to be able to tackle real societal challenges using innovation and creativity; to create opportunities for collaboration between non-profit professionals and civil servants, forging relationships and developing solutions that address realities that affect us all.

Where and when?

To be arranged
To be arranged