The last month of December Jovesolides  participated in the First Forum of Social Innovation and Collaborative Organizations of Gran Canaria. The main objective of this event was to promote the exchange of experiences among the participants, one of the key conditions for "implementing social innovation" In this meeting space, the entity discovered Red Creactiva and the latest innovative methodology designed Factor 5.
In this forum that received in its first edition a great reception by the Canarian public, and in which various collaborative initiatives from different areas were presented, Jovesolides presented "la red creactiva", born in 2014 and which currently brings together social entities, collectives, administrations, platforms, and NGOs. 
Who attended the meeting also discovered Factor 5, the new methodology of the entity which is based on gamification and aimed at solving social problems, or if gamification is preferred at the service of people. In this open and dynamic space, the participants learned what gamification is and how it can be used as a powerful strategy to influence and motivate groups of people.
Based on key concepts present in studies by experts in this field, such as Jane MacGonigal, he analyzed with the audience the reason for the attraction of games and why they are so far from reality. And it is that the games offer clear and defined objectives, challenges, emotions, a consolidated system of feedback, as well as the power of decision and the opportunity to track knowledge.
So, can we play to solve social challenges? Through the workshop held with the attendees, the entity showed that it is possible. But for Factor 5 to serve as a social tool, it has to respond to five factors: creativity, participation, scalability, sustainability, and comprehensibility.
Through creativity we extract ideas, the essential raw material with which we work with any social objective; with participation, we make sure that our idea comes from the need of the people affected by a certain social problem, and importantly, we will have these people to find a solution; scalability allows us to identify what characteristics of our idea make it replicable in a different situation or context; with sustainability we guarantee the survival of the idea in the future, for which we will stop at all possible investment and financing models; and with comprehensibility we can communicate the idea obtained in a clear and attractive way, without forgetting to mention the values ​​linked to social innovation.
In this forum, all these initiatives also participated: La Comunicadora (Barcelona), Madrid Change (Madrid), and Plántate, la Asociación Sociocultural Fuera de la Portada, Soy Mamut, Mi Plaza, Alorinco, Atlas y Mojo de Caña, of the Canarian local area.
This Forum was designed and organized from the Unidad de Participación Ciudadana del Cabildo de Gran Canaria, in collaboration with Sociedad de Promoción Económica de Gran Canaria (SPEGC).

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